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Our Armed Security Guard Management Team

Aaron T. Jones founded International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) in 2006. Since then, the armed security guard company has expanded into many different states and will soon expand internationally, with a management team that represents some of the most experienced security professionals in the Industry.

AaronAaron T. Jones – Chief Executive Officer & President

Email: Ajones@ipsglobal.com

Mr. Jones is a native New Mexican who began his security and law enforcement career in the Los Angeles – Beverly Hills area in the early 1990s. Aaron quickly worked his way into the security industry working for John Carden, a retired Beverly Hills PD Sergeant who founded the renowned Officers Group. Aaron worked hard and was honored with the task to direct protection detail for Foreign Royalty from Saudi Arabia and South Korea as well as various celebrities, dignitaries and corporate executives.

Mr. Jones later went to the police academy and became a police officer in the City of Los Angeles. He returned to New Mexico in the late 90s and became a Deputy Sheriff. He was very successful in criminal investigations where he served the last eight years of his law enforcement career investigating many high profile cases. Detective Jones transitioned his Police career working Homicide and Violent Crimes to establishing the most elite security and investigations firm in the southwestern United States.

International Protective Service was formed in 2006 and has provided security and investigations for everyday citizens as well as high profile dignitaries and celebrities alike. With a reputation for outstanding performance, IPS grew into a leader in the industry.

Mr. Jones later formed a partnership with longtime friend, Dr. Barry Brooks and IPS Director of Operations, Mario Romero to form International Protective Service Training Academy. The goal at IPSTA is to successfully train agents and protective detail from all over the world to become the very best in the business.

“There is nothing more gratifying than protecting the life, liberty and freedom of others.”
– Aaron T. Jones, President & CEO

MarioMario Romero – Chief Operations Officer

Email: Mromero@ipsglobal.com

Mr. Romero is a Native New Mexican and a veteran police officer who has been with IPS from its inception. Mr. Romero served with local police and sheriff’s departments for over a decade. He has been a part of several specialized units in Law Enforcement such as Internal Affairs, Field Training Officer Coordinator, Crisis Intervention, Gang Unit, and SWAT.

Mr. Romero has developed his skills as an operator, manager and instructor. He is currently a Senior Instructor for IPSTA and holds expertise as a Use of Force Instructor in the Reactive Control Module along with the Federal Laws of reasonableness. He is an instructor in Law Enforcement Control Tactics certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Mr. Romero is also a Gracie Survival Tactics instructor and holds several belts in the Jiu Jitsu art. He is a Taser instructor and is certified in all Law Enforcement Electronic Control Devices along with all civilian devices. Mr. Romero is a National Fire Arms Instructor in the use of handgun and shotgun, and a state of New Mexico Concealed Carry instructor. He is a Department of Public safety General Police Instructor and has created several curriculums such as Court Room security, Officer Safety for the rural police officer, Executive Protection, and defensive tactics using intermediate weapons. Mr. Romero is a state of New Mexico and Arizona Level I, II, and III security instructor and holds classes on advanced security techniques.

KenKen Teetzen – Chief Administrative Officer

Email: Kteetzen@ipsglobal.com

A combination of 40 years of professional experience, including careers with a federal law enforcement agency, corporate safety and security with a major transportation company, and current employment with International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Expertise includes civil and criminal investigations, interviews, interrogations, crime scene searches, surveillances, crisis management, background investigations, loss prevention, workplace violence, internal investigations, executive protection, a solid understanding of federal criminal procedure rules, administrative law, and judicial procedures, as well as a vast knowledge of required compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational and Safety and Health Standards.


Jordan Moenaert – Deputy Chief – Operations, District of New Mexico

Email: Jmoenaert@ipsglobal.com

A former Collegiate and Semi-Professional Ice hockey player, Mr. Moenaert has been working in the Security field since attending business school at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in 2009. He has worked as a Federal Security Contractor overseeing operations as a supervisor, before accepting the position as Deputy Chief of Operations in 2015. Mr. Moenaert has worked for IPS since 2012 in a multitude of facets including patrol Sergeant, K9, Field Training Officer, and Assistant Instructor for the International Protective Service Training Academy (IPSTA). Mr. Moenaert brings to the operations a keen business sense as well as a high standard for excellence.

Raye Byford – Deputy Chief – Field Service Bureau

Email: Rbyford@ipsglobal.com

Mr. Byford has lived in New Mexico all his life. He began a career in Law Enforcement in 1984 and retired from the Santa Fe Police Department as Deputy Chief of Operations in 2008. He continued in law enforcement for another four years after his retirement. During his career, he worked patrol, DWI, Traffic, Narcotics, Property Crimes and Special Investigations. He is trained in dignitary protection and defensive tactics. Mr. Byford has trained police in Afghanistan and holds a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. He has held several instructor certifications during his career including; defensive tactics, police ethics, general police instructor.

Robert Walker – Major – K-9 Manager

Email: RWalker.ips@gmail.com

Roman Jimenez – Deputy Chief – Las Cruces/ El Paso Region

Email: Rjimenez@ipsglobal.com

Mr. Jimenez is a native to New Mexico who began his law enforcement and correctional career in the early 1990’s in Santa Fe, NM. After working as a supervisor in the county detention center, he began his career with the New Mexico State Police which lasted until his recent retirement in September of 2015 with the rank of Captain. During his distinguished career, he quickly climbed through the ranks after heading up some of the largest criminal enterprise investigations in NM history. He was tasked with the supervision of many high profile investigations that led to the disruption of many high level criminal organizations. Mr. Jimenez is an experienced investigator and expert in the area of financial, computer, forensic crimes, and in the area of personal security, leadership, undercover operations, and the use of force.

Mr. Jimenez had the distinct honor of serving in the capacity as the Commander of the Honorable Governor Susana Martinez’ security detail and led the protection of our Governor along with other important dignitaries and public servants. Mr. Jimenez served as the Commander for the State Police Tactical Crisis Intervention Team for 15 years and has become a well-respected expert in the area of crisis management and intervention and has been responsible for the successful mitigation of many dangerous, armed confrontations. Mr. Jimenez had the privilege and necessary skills to be chosen as 1 of only 8 members of the New Mexico State Police Pistol Team, and the distinct honor of being selected to attend the 245th session of the FBI National Academy in 2011 in which he graduated with honors in the advanced studies of cybercrimes, police fitness, and leadership.

Mr. Jimenez was a State Police Instructor and is a NM DPS Academy certified instructor in the areas of Undercover Operations and Surveillance, Leadership, Crisis Intervention / Hostage Negotiations, Tactical Police Fitness, and Defensive Tactics. He is also a certified Emergency Response Officer for Hazardous Material mitigation and safety. Mr. Jimenez had the pleasure of serving the state of NM as a State Trustee and Vice Chair of the Public Employees Retirement Association that provided important financial and economic training and education and is a testament of Mr. Jimenez’ willingness to serve the public.

Jim Floyd III – Corporate Business Manager
Email: Jfloyd@ipsglobal.com
Phone: (505) 897-2420 Ext. 104

Amanda Hall – Corporate Licensing & Office Manager
Email: Ahall@ipsglobal.com
Phone: (505) 897-2420 Ext. 114

Graham Page – Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Email: GPage@ipsglobal.com
Phone: (505) 897-2420

Gary Guthrie, Captain
Email: GGuthrie.ips@gmail.com

Mizel Griego – Captain
Email: MGriego.ips@gmail.com

John Paul Trijillo – Lieutenant
Email: JPTrujillo.ips@gmail.com

Calvin Birmingham – Lieutenant
Email: CBirmingham.ips@gmail.com

Matt Huebert – Sergeant
Email: MHuebert.ips@gmail.com

Shawn Byrd – Sergeant
Email: Sbyrd.ips@gmail.com

Roman Valdez – Sergeant
Email: RValdez.ipsgloba@gmail.com

Enrique Sanchez – Sergeant
Email: Esanchez.ipsglobal@gmail.com

Steve Stefoin – Sergeant
Email: Sstefoin.ipsglobal@gmail.com

Christopher Kerlin – Sergeant
Email: Ckerlin.ipsglobal@gmail.com

Paul Poynter – Sergeant
Email: Ppoynter.ipsglobal@gmail.com

David Fauntleroy – Sergeant
Email: Dfauntleroy.ipsglobal@gmail.com