K-9 Division

K-9 Division

Specially-Trained K-9 Division 

International Protective Service, Inc. has a professional canine division which can assist with drug detection and crowd control, among various additional situations. Our K-9 unit is comprised of specially-trained dogs that can sniff out drugs and certain objects and retrieve specific items. 

Our unit can perform building searches, perfect for high schools that are looking to reduce the amount of illegal substances that enter the school. Our K-9s also assist with suspect apprehension, as well as protecting the canine handlers from unforeseen harm. The canine division also offers personal protection dogs for some of our most exclusive clients.
Armed Security Guard Denver CO & Phoenix AZ

Our K-9 Services & Advantages

  • 3 K-9 Teams
  • Each Team is Available for 24-Hour Call Out
  • Accelerant Detection, Narcotic & Patrol Units
  • Able to Clear Facilities from Alarms, Break-Ins, Etc.
  • K-9s are Used in Dangerous Situations to Help Keep Personnel Safe
  • Visual Deterrent from Criminal Activity
  • Useful in Low Light and Dark Situations to Find Intruders
  • Available for Use in an Executive Protection Unit
  • K-9s Can Go Into Areas Difficult for Humans to Enter
Please call today to discuss how our K-9 team can help you. 
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