Patrol Service

Patrol Service

24 Hours Armed Security Guard Patrol Service*

Our patrol service is simple. When your alarm is activated, your monitoring company will call IPS instead of law enforcement. Our company immediately provides an armed response to your property. IPS can and will take action in regards to on-view misdemeanors and probable cause felonies. That means we can catch bad guys – and we do!
Armed Security Guard Santa Fe NM & Denver CO
Most police agencies are overwhelmed with priority-one calls and tight budgets. Unfortunately, your alarm activation is not their top priority. This could be the difference between minutes versus hours to respond. There is nothing worse than receiving a false alarm fee after a ridiculously long response time. Our only responsibility and dedication is to you as our client.

IPS does not charge false alarm fees! We simply notify you and let you know that your alarm was activated and we responded. Our services are customizable to meet our clients’ specific needs. When an alarm system simply is not enough, the presence of highly visible security patrols and quick responses is an effective deterrent to crimes against your property and business assets. The alarm is only as good as the response!

Our officers are proactively patrolling our clients’ properties within the metro area 24 hours a day. This allows us to not only watch your home and business, but we can be ready to respond at a moment’s notice, which includes alarm responses as well as service calls. You can pick up the phone and we respond, just like the police do. Whether it is 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., we are there for you. Our patrol officers and standing guards are supported by our locally manned and operated 24-hour Dispatch Center.
* Please contact IPS to check service availability in your area. 

Our Security Patrol Services

  • 24-Hour Emergency Dispatch
  • Proactive Patrols for Residential & Commercial
  • Armed Alarm Response
  • Calls for Service
  • Vacation Checks
  • Visual Deterrents
  • K-9 Unit
  • Event Security
  • Executive Protection, Bodyguard Service & Threat Management
  • Security Guard Posted at Commercial Property
  • Custom Tailored Service
  • Marked Patrol Vehicles
  • And More!
To schedule your patrol service or to discuss your specific security needs, please call the location closest to you. We would be happy to talk about your options. 
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